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U.S. steel appeals in China's big steel mills

Release date:2016.08.19

American iron and steel company (USS) to the United States international trade commission to lodge a complaint, accusing China iron and steel enterprises and dealers colluded prices, theft of trade secrets, and through false label to avoid trade tax, requirements in accordance with the United States "1930 year tax law" section 337 investigation, to block China's steel products export to the United States market.

USS charges involving 20 steel enterprises of China, river steel, baosteel, shagang, anshan iron and steel and other top 10 steel mills are supportive, they are accused of manipulating prices, including all the carbon steel and alloy steel exports to the United States. Petition also specifically related to the company car use advanced identity of commercial secrets, and association in January 2011, the Chinese use of cyber attacks to steal the business secret of research data. At the same time involved in the above 3 items such as price fixing, baosteel charges of stealing commercial secrets and the false name.

USS, said it will use every means to fight for fair trade, and continue through anti-subsidy and anti-dumping cases, the existing law enforcement work. The us international trade commission will be up to 30 days to decide whether to start the survey.

Foreign media commentary said, with the world's largest steel producer in China in the trade friction, so far this is the iron and steel enterprises to take the most audacious, the most intense action. Is the U.S. steel industry over the past 25 years of the most significant action, or will exacerbate tensions between China and the world's major steel producers. China's iron and steel enterprises will closely watch the progress.