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China kair metal new material research and development power in space long March 7th

Release date:2016.08.19

On June 25, 2016, 20, China's current carrying capacity of the largest rocket - long march rocket 7 in hainan wenchang spaceport soar, refresh the record in the history of China's space sector more, opened a new chapter of China's rocket development. As national defense war industry important new material research and development and production base, China kair for seven long engine provides several key metal new material, boost its space!

"New" is one of the biggest highlights of the launch task, ten engine are all made with all independent intellectual property rights, non-toxic, non-polluting green liquid oxygen kerosene engine. The engine will rocket carrying capacity never near-earth orbit to 9 tons to 13.5 tons, for China's space program space laboratory task provides a strong power base, will gradually replace traditional medium carrier rocket series, bear 80% mission.

China kair, metal new material research and development base in China, metallurgical industry, major key and generic technology innovation base, the authority of national metallurgical analysis and testing techniques, for the development of national economic construction, national defense and the strength of the iron and steel industry has made great contribution.

One, the rocket engine heart - turbine disk

High, the company undertook the long seven rocket engine of heart - turbine semal and development tasks of all the hot end components. Starting from the key technology research for 1997, kair high, according to the strict service conditions of liquid oxygen kerosene engine unique, invented the liquid oxygen special kerosene engine turbine disc material, the alloy under hot condition for the existence of strong in breakthrough solutions to a wide variety of problems, thereby achievements of liquid oxygen kerosene engine strong power source.

Can solve the problem of material development, and after a series of study, to solve the problem of manufacturing and welding, finish the turbine semal overall core parts and all parts of hot end development tasks. All materials and components through the assessment of test for many times, show the excellent service, satisfy the key of lox/kerosene rocket engine high-pressure complementary combustion material needs.

Second, the engine body, high strength stainless steel material

Iron and steel research institute (academia sinica) as a material used for liquid oxygen kerosene engine is the most important research unit, the research and development of special steel of high strength stainless steel is the main part of the long seven rocket engine material. R&d team conquer behing, developed a series of material mechanical properties are reaching or higher than the international level of the same material, successfully solved the key of liquid oxygen kerosene high pressure complementary combustion engine material from scratch.

R&d team also for is located in the low latitudes of hainan wenchang spaceport "high temperature, high humidity and high salt fog" special climate environment, corrosion behavior of high strength stainless steel and protective measures conducted a systematic and comprehensive study. Team selected hainan wenchang climate environment and close to qionghai, mannings region, to simulate exposure, system mastered the corrosion behavior of materials and components of engine and its main influencing factors, the key technology to strengthen the corrosion protection measures are put forward. The findings obtained high recognition aerospace six homes, for liquid oxygen kerosene engine to hainan wenchang base made important contribution to the mission.

Three, attitude control and guidance - energy servo and inertial component

Iron and steel research institute (academia sinica) functions as the China academy of launch vehicle technology by the outstanding supplier for a long time, the production of material, part of the application on the long March 7 tertiary servo. Digital servo and engine together form the set of all levels of thrust vector control system, follow the electronic instruction movement, for attitude control rocket. Part of the application in the attitude control of laser strapdown inertial navigation component. Inertial components as the core parts of the strapdown inertial system in launch vehicle control system is responsible for the measurement of arrows body relative velocity and acceleration of the space, after coordinate transformation and computer calculation, arrows body of all kinds of navigation information can be obtained.

As a basic model of a new generation of medium carrier rocket in our country, the long march rockets seven shoulder the historical responsibility of technological progress and upgrading, the next target is heavy rocket engine. This will require the ascension of engine performance for several times, so for a variety of materials and parts are put forward higher request, China kair to strong technical accumulation and ability to innovate to meet new challenges, hand in hand with the industry tongren contributing to China's space industry own wisdom